Reasons why Employer’s implement employee health initiatives

Create a health conscious culture in the workplace

Companies who integrate Employee health & wellbeing into part of their company’s culture and value will see many benefits across the organisation, but to be done correctly it needs to be supporting it long-term, otherwise it can be seen by employees as more about corporate PR than actually being about the health of Employees. 


Healthy happy employees is one of the greatest assets your company can process

The biggest asset a company processes is its people, and to achieve the best performance for those assets, they need to provide them with the best possible working environment, and insure they are fit for propose, and first and foremost this means the Employees health should be the number one goal of any organisation.

Reduce absences, long-term illness and increase productivity

Poor health is the number one reason for absences from work, and there is an unending list of chronic illness that are linked to poor health, unhealthy eating & inactivity. Absences can be reduced, and costs associated with them, replacements staff, overtime and the dip in productivity experienced in periods of high absence.

Improve your Employee satisfaction

The company’s commitment to an Employee health programme, will always have a positive impact on Employee Satisfaction score, and again the more long-term the focus on health the greater the impact on the score can be, Employee’s experiencing small number of health initiatives that interest them throughout the year can, sometimes view an organisation health promotions activities as just another “box ticking” exercise.

Enhance your existing CSR activities in the community

Being a good corporate citizen is high on the priority list for most organisations today, and raising funds for local charities has always a great tool to enhance this, but sometimes the Employee health events used to generate funds are generally over the duration of a single day, and the actual Employee health aspect is just secondary to the rising of the funds, and the CSR PR that creates, we want to increase the duration of health charity events to more than just one day.

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