T&C’s Workplace Activity Challenge 2016

1. Entry to the competition closes on Thursday 8th September.
2. The challenge runs from September 9th 2016 (the “Start Date”) and ends 7th October 2016 (the “End Date”). The period of the challenge will be known as the “Challenge Period”. Participants may enter the challenge at any point during the Challenge Period, but will only accumulate points for the challenge form the date of joining.
3. Only points scored/ activity logged during the above period will count for the Workplace Activity Challenge.
4. Your personal information (DOB/Height/Weight/Gender) must be completely accurate in order to allow The Promoter to be able to score activity.
5. Participants are responsible for tracking their activities on these app/devices and making sure their activity is synced with their apps/devices own dashboard (this is in order to retrieve your data from that app/device successfully)
6. The Promoter reserves the unconditional right to accept any entry and to disqualify any Participant at any time during the challenge period.
7. Participants have to use one of the approved tracking devices/apps
8. The company leader-board will be update once daily on the KudosHealth website
9. All private stats are available by logging into the KudosHealth platform
10. By registering or by completing the registration form on the website, registrants confirm that they have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
11. All participants take part in the Workplace Activity Challenge at their own risk. All participants must ensure that the bicycles/ or any other sports equipment they ride/ use are in a roadworthy condition/ safe and must observe the rules of the Highway Code/ or meet recognised safety standards for the chosen sport/ activity. All participants must ensure that they follow good/ safe practice and wear relevant protective clothing for any sport or physical activity they choose to participate in.
12. Neither the challenge partners or any sponsors or promoters of the Workplace Activity Challenge accept responsibility for any incident, accident or injury sustained or property damaged in the course of anyone’s participation in the Challenge.
13. Registration is free via the Workplace Activity Challenge website
14. To register an organisation you must have approval from your organisation’s management to do so.
15. Each company must have minimum of 5 participants
16. An organisation is defined as a body that employs people i.e. not a club or group of friends.
17. Upon registration, an organisation or department will be classified as an organisation of staff employed by the registered organisation or department.
18. Once an organisation is registered, individuals from that organisation or department may register as part of that organisation via the unique link sent to that organisation’s employees
19. Company moderators confirm that as part of the application on behalf of their business they have authority to act on behalf of their business to register the company and invite employees to join the Workplace Activity Challenge.
20. Company moderators confirm they are the main point of contact for Workplace Challenge at their company
21. Company moderators agree to inform Workplace Activity Challenge promoters of any changes regarding the point of contact and company structure.
22. Workplace Activity Challenge promoters shall not be held responsible for any late, incomplete, corrupted or incorrect registrations as a result of any software or hardware failure, or otherwise.
23. Prizes will be awarded for the:
a. Workplace in first place on the ‘Corporate’ leaderboard – average activity points (minimum of 5 people per organisation)
b. One Employee will be awarded a most improved based on their progress over the 4 week period
24. The winning organisation will be announced via email and published at KudosHealth & Sligo Chamber of Commerce websites before the end of October 2016. Winners’ details will be made available for a period of six weeks from the end of the Challenge period.
25. The organisation in first place is awarded at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner; second and third place will be awarded a Workplace Activity Challenge 2016 certificate.
26. Most improved employee will be awarded internally within your own organisation with an award provided by Workplace Activity Challenge
27. Organisations are also free to reward their employees as they see fit for participating
28. Workplace Activity Challenge reserves the right to withdraw, reallocate or substitute any prizes for a prize of an equal or greater value where the promoters deem it necessary.
29. The prize winners may be required to participate in publicity and promotional activities.
30. Workplace Activity Challenge’s decision is final and binding and no correspondence shall be entered into.
31. At the end of the Challenge period the Workplaces in first position may be requested to provide a letter from their organisation’s HR department or a senior manager, to confirm the exact number of staff that are employed in the winning organisation or department.
32. Where two or more organisations achieve an equal highest score at the end of the challenge, the winning organisation will be decided upon which one has achieved the highest percentage of employees participating in the Challenge.