Our health professionals have developed a health scoring system unique to us for our activity challenges, our health challenges & leader-boards are driven by “KudosPoints”

The myth of 10,000 steps!

These is no medical evidence to back-up that fact the 10,000 is the number of steps you need to reach each day to stay fit & healthy, and basing any corporate challenge based on steps is immediately  favouring the fitter Employees, and could demotivate more people that it motivates. 

With our unique algorithm Employees are setting their own personal based on their ability, and not steps or distance, each goal is completely personalised to each person’s individual ability.

Data form connected devices to our platform is converted in to “KudosPoints”, we create these points by using a person’s BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) as a key component in the calculation of these points, previously activity challenges have been based on “Steps” or “Distance” and using these metric’s favours the fitter participant, as they’ll have more steps or have completed a greater distance… how demotivating can that be for your average participant.

With “KudosPoints” we help level the playing field for participating Employees, meaning you can bring what might normally be two groups of employees together in the same initiative, the in-active one’s and the active ones, who sometimes don’t participate in workplace health initiatives believing that there just for the in-active, unhealthy Employee’s.

This in turn then leaves the in-active group, your most important target audience also not wanting to participate in health initiatives believing that all health initiatives are aimed at them, the “unhealthy” Employee population judging by the other participants, and what better way for an Employee to confirm their “unhealthy” status, is by participating, we help remove the stigma attached to the possible labelling and pigeon-holing felt by some of these Employees, which comes with a number of existing Employee health promotion strategy’s.

Additional advantages of our “KudosPoints” system

Today’s traditional health promotion tools, can be inefficient, repetitive and make Employee’s feel like their being “Prescribed” health initiatives, by telling them what, when and how they need to be participating in the workplace health promotion programme, telling them when to complete a health screening, when to focus on their nutrition, when to take part in the company’s nutrition week, when to attend specific health topics events & seminars, and when it comes to physical activity campaigns you either take part in the company’s walk, run or cycle, when they are implemented, and are usually only focused on for a short period of time, where they dictated to, the time, date and location, which doesn’t suit everyone.

We give you the ability to have your Employees participate in your Company run health initiatives whenever, and however they want at their own time & pace, allowing for greater flexibility and improved participation numbers.