Our concept is Simple,

affordable gamification of workplace health initiatives

We enable your organisation leverage existing consumer health technology to keep the cost of your Health Programme to a minimum, why try and convince your Employee’s to participate in your activities for your Health Programme, when you can just provide them with the motivation they need to continue, or start working on the aspects of their health that concerns them most, making their existing, or new activities part of your health programme, on their term’s

We give you the ability to connect with your employee‘s at times of high elation, and personal achievement when it comes to their personal health goals.

Today 58% of smartphone users have downloaded a health & fitness app, 52% to track physical activity, 47% for nutrition, 46% for weight loss & 34% for an exercise programme, but they don’t always continue to use them, the drop-off can be quiet high, around 46% of health apps downloaded don’t get used, of those who do continue to use them, 66% log-in at least once a day.


Smartphone users have downloaded a health & fitness app


Health apps downloaded don’t get used


Log-in at least once a day