KudosCoins are used to “Nudge” Employees into looking after their own health; these coins are a redeemable currency where they can redeem against rewards from your own custom Employee Health Rewards Shop, from brands wishing to align themselves with the promotion of health in the workplace, and from your health insurer.

Employee Health Rewards Shop – Your very own self-service health rewards just for your Employees

You select and control the budget of your rewards, spend as much or as little as you want, use novelty rewards such as the best parking space, the boss’s office for a week, represent the company at an event, give free healthy meals, health snacks & juices, right the way up to gift vouchers. Why not use your local network to secure rewards from local providers & retails who would be interested in promoting the product or service to your workforce.

Branded Health Rewards Shop – Giving Employee access to rewards you don’t have to pay for –

through our use of external reward partners your Employees have the ability to redeem rewards from popular brands at no expense to you. Reward partners are companies, brands and organisations who wish to align themselves with the promotion of health to the workforce. These rewards can be free or discounted, and are limited in numbers thus creating the desire for Employees to rack up as many “KudosCoins” as quickly as possible, by using their existing health apps or by participating in as many health events inside and outside of work as they can.

Health Insurer Rewards – Spread the cost of promoting health to your Employee’s, get your Health Insurer involved  

Your health insurer is also a stakeholder in your employees health, and having health happy, engaged Employees is also in their interest, they can also participate in an extension of your Employee Health Rewards Shop by also providing rewards that they provide, this can be providing services that would normally come at an additional cost to employees, or by providing their own selection of physical rewards that can help improve an Employees health, such as fitness gear, nutritional products, cook books, check up’s etc.