Using a bit of friendly competition to promote health

We use a mixture of team collaboration & Inter-Firm competition to maximise engagement in your Employee Health Programme

Private Challenges – Implement your own private challenges for your Employee’s when you want

Create & control private challenges for your Employees who have a suitable connected app or device, for a duration of your choosing, days, weeks, months at no additional cost, it takes minutes to set-up, can be run as team or individual events, and requires very little admin time, you decide on the prize fund, the amount of “KudosCoins” for the winner, second & third places, or an amount just for participating, with the option to add your own prize.

Inter-Firm Challenges Participate in challenges against like-minded companies monthly

To keep your admin time to a minimum while maximising Employee engagement, your Employees have the option to participate in Inter-Firm challenges when they like, they are automatically notified of challenges that are open to participation, they opt-in to participate, rally around their colleagues and create teams to challenge other like-minded companies.

These challenges are recurring every month and are promoted by different sponsors, such as employer’s organisations, health insurers, large brands & institutions, here the sponsor will decide on the “KudosCoins” prize fund, with the option to add their own additional prizes, and again this comes at no additional cost above your standard subscription fee.