Targeted Mobile Marketing

Have your Brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds when the achieve their personal health goals

In our “Health Rewards Shop” Your brand, product or service can be what people associate with reaching their personal health goals.

For us it’s all about timing, KudosHealth allows your brand to be connected with the personal health achievements & goals of our users – these moments where they experience times of high elation & personal satisfaction with real tangible rewards, or discounts from your Brand.

Thousands of individuals are participating in the KudosHealth wellness programme, they have downloaded the KudosHealth app, and synced their own personal Health & Fitness apps & wearable devices to the KudosHealth platform. Individuals now tracking their Health & Fitness activitieswith their everyday consumer health apps & wearables, are now seamlessly connected to our Health Platform.

These individuals are now earing KudosCoins for all their healthy activities, and the only place for them to spend these KudosCoins is within the KudosHealth app, where they are now actively viewing all the fantastic rewards that are on offer, and therefore more open to your marketing message.(Rewards can be redeemed online or in store).

We make your business the desired destination for these individuals wishing to spend their KudosCoins.

KudosHealth is an innovate marketing tool for modern businesses looking to reach the consumer in a positive, friendly way

Brands can engage with individuals in 3 uniquely different ways

Everyday Rewards

This is similar to most rewards programmes, you offer a small discount on your product or service, which can be redeemed online or in-store, these rewards are free to place within the platform, with optional paid additional features

Competitive Rewards

These rewards are for larger discounts, and specific free products. Here you provide a small number of limited rewards that individuals compete for against other competitors, this provides the brand will follow on marketing feature

Branded Challenges

This is paid promotional opportunity consisting of a brand being a title sponsor of a month-long Wellness Challenge where the winning team/individual receives your prize & bonus “KudosCoins” for winning, or participating in your branded challenge

Key Benefits

No fee’s, charges or commission charged on sales
Reach consumers is a meaningful way at times of high elation
Targeting of specific groups of users
Communicates as strong powerful message to your target audience

• Connect your brand with creating a healthier community & helping individuals achieve personal health goals

• Use an individual’s health success stories as part of your Social Media marketing content

• Your brand is in-front of a demographic who have signed up purely to see your products

• Specific, targeted traffic is driven to your website or locations

• Low cost Customer acquisition

• Social referral – Users actively share your brand with their friends on Facebook, Twitter….

• Effective mobile advertising penetration.

• Association with something unique – changing people’s healthy behaviours & habits

Social Referral

User’s will promote your brand to their peers through their social networks as they add competitive rewards to their “Wish List” and later redeem, which is more effective than regular Social Media advertising as this is peer recommendations directly into the timeline


Users have opted in

Our user base has opted-in to receive rewards from brands like yours and is therefore receptive to your products and advertising messages. KudosHealth users are actively looking to “spend” their “KudosCoins” and the KudosHealth store is the only place where they can redeem their KudosCoins

Inbound B2C Marketing

We drive highly targeted traffic to your website or location. Even if they don’t have “KudosCoins” to spend, user’s will see and aspire to your rewards, and are presented with calls to action to visit your website or landing page

Mobile Advertising

Mobile is the future of digital advertising and our platform is mobile ready. The vast majority of KudosHealth users will access our platform and shop using their mobile phones and will see your products and advertising messages

Corporate Social Responsibility

Connect your brand, product or service with a concept which provides motivation for everyday consumers to make healthier lifestyle choices, and have your brand resonate with those Employee’s while they achieve their personal health goals.`-/

If you wish to receive further information on how our marketing solution will impact on your business goals, please contact us.