Up to 15% increase in productivity

Sick days

Reduction of up to 27% in sick days



Reduction in absenteeism of up to 20%

What’s in it for me!


Does intermittent “Box Ticking” health & wellbeing initiatives get you a return on investment, can you even measure these types of sporadic events… If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, or confirm it’s providing a return. We provide long-term Employee Health Engagement which really does affect the bottom line & can be measured in real time.


Reduce the time and effort it takes to run health promotion initiatives year round to cater for all types of Employee. Once you implement our initiative and roll it out to the Employee population you can sit back and reap the rewards, and benefits of a long term Employee health Engagement programme that practically run’s itself, with high participation.


It’s time to engage your Employee’s fully in health & wellbeing and move beyond a mixture of health & wellbeing activities that are time & location based, focused on a small number of activities through-out the year, which have a very short term focus for Employee’s, and do very little to support your Employees in making healthy behaviour changes.


We provide a simple, flexible solution for corporate wellness, why participate in health events & initiatives that do very little to motivate, or support you in your health journey. You already know which areas of your health you would like to improve on, so we allow you to focus on those area’s than concern you the most, when and how suits you best.