Engage & Reward Employees Leading Healthy Lifestyles


Our goal is to help You…


Engage & Motivate

Support your Employees’ long-term to lead a healthy lifestyle by rewarding them for using existing consumer health apps & wearable devices.

Our concept is Simple,

affordable gamification of workplace health initiatives


Engage and reward all your employees of all fitness levels & activities across the globe, without disrupting their existing activity choices


Create fun, competitive challenges driven by an individual’s ability, calorie burn and activity intensity, and not just ‘Steps’ which favours the fittest employees


Connect to the employees existing popular fitness tracking app’s and devices for automated data collection and simple participation

Employee Health Rewards Shop

Your very own self-service health rewards just for your Employees

Branded Health Rewards Shop

Giving Employee access to rewards you don’t have to pay for 

Health Insurer Rewards

Spread the cost of promoting health to your Employee’s, get your Health Insurer involved

What’s in it for me!


Promotes Team Building

Healthy, Happy Employee’s

No Devices Required

Connects Existing Health Initiatives 

Aggregated Health Data


Any Activity, Anytime Anywhere

Fun, Social and Engaging

Reward and Recognition

Real Time Leader-Boards

Supports Behavioural Change


Employee Satisfaction

One Time Set-up

Easy To Adopt

Complements Existing Activities

Save Time, Money and Effort


Enhance Company Profile 

Create Charity Donations

Inter Firm Challenges

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Complements CSR Activities

KudosHealth Features


Create your very own custom “step like” challenges & competitions which engages employees’ of all levels of fitness, so runner’s, walker’s, cyclist and everything in between can compete together in one initiative.

Employee Health Rewards

Populate your own custom health rewards catalogue, where you can recognise and reward employees for being active, and also reward any other off-line health task with KudosCoins.

Charity Rewards

Create Charity fundraising campaigns, driven by the employees’ levels of physical activity and make donations to your chosen charities, where employees can contribute their KudosCoins to a community based Charity reward.

Goal Setting

Employee’s have the ability to set their own personal goals based on “KudosPoints” they are achieving on a daily or weekly basis, they can chose to set their targets at their own levels, the greater the goal they set, the greater the number of “KudosCoins” they receive for achieving that goal.


Gamification & Level up’s

Each Employee as they register get placed on a “Level” from 1-100 and as they progress through the levels based on their health engagement efforts they are rewarded with bonus “KudosCoins” for progressing to the next level.