We are a Corporate Health Engagement Platform

Create monthly health related competitions for your teams, departments and sites to compete against each other, in a few minutes.


Connect with employees through their fitness tracking devices & apps


Create a new health initiative every month in minutes from your desk


Build teams who drive each other to perform across your organisation


Kudos; [Ku-dos] – Origin Greek noun-praise: “recognition, praise & respect that you get as a result of a particular action or achievement”


Our Solution

We understand that no two people or two companies are the same, so we give you choice and flexibility to engage employees in their health

Monthly Competitions

Create your own custom monthly health related competition for employees.

Team Building

Allow employees to create teams across business teams’ and departments.

Activity Insights

Corporate dashboard to view activity levels across all department’s & locations.

" Over 40% of large employers (> 2500 Employees) reported using rewards & penalties to encourage improvements in employee health status"
Deloitte Center of Health Solutions


Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Your employees’ are your biggest asset. We provide your organisation with one of the coolest ways to keep your employees engaged, happy and healthy. Engage your employees in their own health all year round without disrupting their existing healthy behaviours.


Solution Benefits

KudosHealth gives you some, or all of the following benefits:

Highly Engaged Workforce

Engage your employees with the business & their own health.

Employee Satisfaction

Increase your company’s employee satisfaction scores.

Increase Productivity

A happier, healthier workforce will increase your productivity.

Increase Morale

Create the best possible environment to retain valuable employees.

Team Building

Social interaction of employees through competitive team building.

CSR Benefits

Enhance your existing activities to the benefit of the whole community.

Health Insurance

Leverage activity data to reduce the cost of health insurance corporate premiums.


Discover what impact does an unhealthy workforce have on production KPI’s.

Metrics & Branding

Unique user & administrator dashboards with activity view with your branding.



Health as a Game – Gamify your employee health programme, we use classic game development strategies to make your employees engagement in their own health rewarding and fun, driven by a team leader your employees build teams to compete internally or externally with other likeminded corporates, based on their existing healthy activities.


KudosHealth – Employee Health Engagement

Your Online Health Engagement platform to reward and motivate active employees for their Healthy Lifestyles.

If you believe that your employees’ health is vital to the success of your business, then you need to implement KudosHealth as your employee health engagement provider today.

Contact today for a More Info or a Demo for your most active employees.

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